Serving Central Oregon for over 34 years

Things to Know

How do I pay for your services?

Cash, check, Visa/Mastercard, American Express, WEX, T-checks and Comchecks for truckers.  You may have insurance that covers towing and related services, however it’s best that you get reimbursed from them directly.

What do you need to tell us about your situation?

1. Nature of the problem.
2. Make, model and color of vehicle.
3. If an RV, the length and height, and whether it drives or is towed.  Are there any other towed vehicles, like a towed boat with the distressed vehicle.
4. Location of breakdown, address, cross streets, highway number, mile marker number (approximate distance from landmark), direction of travel.
5. Tow destination, address and name of repair shop.
6. Number of passengers to ride with our tow driver.
7. When would you like service.

Be sure to 'flag' our driver when he approaches.

Sometimes it may difficult to tell exactly who you are or where the problem is located.
• Drive off of roadway – out of traffic if possible
• Put your hood up
• Keep your phone close by – our driver may need more information
• Follow all directions of our driver – he is trained for your safety and his